The objectives of this project are to contribute to the overall public health, safety and amenity of residents and visitors through the provision of high quality, accessible public toilets suitable for the various localities of defunct Town-1 Peshawar city.  This will improve the health and living conditions and address priority needs identified by the citizen of Peshawar.

The objectives of MSP are in line with the Provincial Comprehensive Development Strategy as well as the national and provincial policies with respect to drinking water and sanitation.



Description of work

Haji camp

Kohat Adda



Progress of work

  1. Lying of Water supply lines completed.
  2. Work on the floor and walls finishing in progress.
  3. Laying and installation of Procelain tiles on the 1st floor completed and installation of yiles on the ground floor in progress.
  4. Main holes cleaned and repaired, and external sanitary work completed.

Re-Tendering in progress



No of toilets



5 toilets for female, 22  for male and one for handicapped are palnned. On the first floor there will be Manager offices, supervisor room store and all will be solar powered.


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