The PMU/MSP believes that development without environmental consideration will not support program outcomes and well-being of communities in true spirit. Safe and clean environment is necessary for good health and growth, therefore PMU environment department ensures that program activities are carried out in a manner which is not harmful to social and ecological environment.

EMMPs (Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan) are        


already developed for each package to mitigate, monitor and implement the practices mentioned in the document. In this regard Environmental compliance monitoring with respect to recommended mitigation measures was carried out and non-compliances were highlighted. The concerned contractors were informed through supervision consultant (Halcrow) to take the necessary action.

Occupational health and safety of labors were checked and Contractors were informed to ensure the provision of appropriate and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all labors/workers according to their job requirements and associated hazard/risk.

For smooth implementation of EMMP and to increase awareness level/capacity building of contractors and labors regarding environment management practices, an awareness session was organized in the month of February 2016. The session helped contractors to understand the importance of environmental considerations, improved the capacity of contractors in implementation of EMMP and managing the day to day HSE issues at project site(s).


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