Approved Plans


Approved Plans

1.    Sanitation

  1. Rehabilitation of Drain in UC-11, 12 and 26.
  2. Rehabilitation of Drain in UC-20, 22,23,24,25.
  3. Rehabilitation of Drainage system in 14 UCs (1-4, 7, 8, 13-19 and 30).
  4. Construction and Rehabilitation of Main GT Road drain (torkham Adda).

2.    Solid Waste Management

  1. Provision of SWM Machinery to MCP for 13 UCs
  2. Construction of workshop for SWM machinery/vehicles with parking facilities in Peshawar.

Schemes in Planning Process

  1. Improvement of drinking water supply system in Peshawar to be identified in Peshawar Master Plan
  2. Drainage/Sewerage system improvement activities in Peshawar to be identified in Peshawar Master Plan
  3. Re-design, improvement and operationalize existing water treatment plant in Peshawar.
  4. Extension of Public toilet facilities in Peshawar city.
  5. Strengthening of Peshawar Water and Sanitation utility company “ Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar”
  6. Launching of Media Campaign for MSP-KP in Peshawar, Malakand and DI Khan divisions of KP.



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