Rehabilitate Primary and Secondary Drains

The objectives of this project are to rehabilitate primary and secondary drains in Town-1, Peshawar. This will improve the health and living conditions and address priority needs identified by the citizen of Town-1, Peshawar. This will also ensure the cleanliness and the healthy environments of the areas.

The drains in defunct Town-1 now 25 UCs of Municipal Corporation are classified into three types including primary, secondary and tertiary drains. The tertiary drain initiate near the household connections collect flow from the smaller local streets before discharging into the larger secondary drains. The secondary drains follow the secondary roads and ultimately discharge into the primary drains.

The only drainage system of Town-1 revolves around a few main drains that have gone through extensions and improvements in different reaches including:-

  1. The famous ShahiKattha Drain,
  2. Nullah Mohammad Zai Drain
  3. Main drain from Gul Bahar area and the sewerage lines laid during 1990s near Kakshal and Pandho main road areas by PHED and PDA.

ShahiKattha is a major open/covered drain that passes through different union councils/areas of Town-1 with respect to catchment area served. It was designed to convey both the sewerage and rain/storm water from the densely populated parts of the old city. This drain originates from two different localities,

  1. From the cantonment area near Deans Complex and
  2. From Kohati-Gate and areas downstream of it.

Most of the sewer drains discharge into ShahiKhatta main drain and it finally disposes into Budhni River near Charsadda road.

The current condition of the sanitation system in Peshawar city has shown   significant deterioration over time due to aging infrastructure, design deficiencies, lack of proper machinery and equipment and lack of maintenance. The problem in hand is very complex due to several factors including,

  1. The dense population of the area particularly of defunct Town-1
  2. Absence of proper mapping of existing sanitation system
  3. Absence of design data related to existing system such as sizes of drains, sewers and relevant hydraulic calculations

The existing sewerage and drainage system of in Town-1 area is a combined sewerage system consisting of open drains that cater to both domestic wastewater as well as the storm water contributions of 25 union councils.

In addition, there are three pumping stations as listed below

  1. Shadbagh Colony pumping station
  2. Wali Abad pumping station
  3. Khattak Colony pumping station

The primary drains dispose of the flow to disposal points at ShahiKattha drain and Ring Road drain having sewerage treatment plants which are not currently in operation and even never in operation since their completion. The overall condition of all these type of drains is not satisfactory with regards to structural stability and sizes of drains. The age of these drains range from one year to sixty year and with regard to shape, most of drains are either rectangular or trapezoidal.

In order to modernize the current sanitation system, it was recommended to operate the system as a separate sewer system as under:-

  1. The designed sewerage pipe network for the domestic, wastewater component of flow.
  2. The utilization of existing drains to cater only to the storms water flow contribution of catchment areas.

To achieve this, a properly designed sewerage system should be constructed all over the city except the Hayatabad Town.

The proposed sewerage system shall consist of lateral sewers and trunk sewers that will carry the wastewater to final disposal points, mostly by gravity.

As regards existing drainage system, comprehensive cleaning and de-silting be done in order to address the drains which were found choked/clogged or silted due to lack of regular cleaning and maintenance. Also equipment and machinery required to clean the drains on regular basis procured, as such equipment and machinery is not available with TMAs.

As an initial step, the cleaning and de-silting of primary drains of length 60,569 meters andsecondary drains of length 88,094 meters in 25 UCs of Town-1,for assessment of nature of rehabilitation works have been done . Rehabilitation of Drainage System at Union Council 9 and 10 of Municipal Corporation Peshawar

Rehabilitation of Drainage System at Union Council 9 and 10 of Municipal Corporation Peshawar will include

                 I.          Diversion Works

               II.          Relocation of existing utility lines

              III.          Earth Works

              IV.          Dismantling works

               V.          Plain and reinforced Concrete Works

              VI.          Brick masonry

            VII.          Cement Plaster works

          VIII.          MS Works

Of Primary and Secondary drains.

Physical progress and area where work is ongoing:


UC name 

Proposed work  (m)

Work done

%age progress



UC-09 (Sikandar Town) , UC -10 (Gulbahar )





Work in progress, Overall 88 % work done.

2 UC-09 (Sikandar Town) , UC -10 (Gulbahar ) Secondary 3492 2831 81%  


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