Data Quality Assessment by MSI

Data quality assessment is the process of exposing technical and business data issues in order to plan data cleansing and data enrichment strategies.

MSI conducted quarterly DQA of MSP data regarding Monitoring and Evaluation indicators and reporting during the month of Aril 2014.The MSP M&E and MIS team along with USAID team performed detail analysis of data, its sources and validate the processes. Suggestions by MSI were welcomed for improving the current practices regarding Data Collection, its recording and reporting.

Monitoring and evaluation is done by MSP of all the on going projects on regular basis however the data is reported to all stakeholders weekly, monthly and/or Quarterly basis. USAID is using PAKINFO site for data reporting by its IPs on quarterly basis.

MSP is under the process of developing an online system for M&E indicator based quarterly reporting system for it internal use and reporting to stakeholder.