Capacity Building of MCP Staff during the month of February 2014

Capacity building of operating staff of MCP has been held during the month of February where the instructor Mr. Bilal from Chill Colibrative took the session of operating staff of MCP.He explained the procedures to handle the equipment and machinery and demonstrated practical solutions to all the issues raised by the participants of the training.

Participants took full interest in the training program and demanded that such trainings should be continuous in nature as it not only develop the skills of the participants but also provide an opportunity for them to learn new things that are related to their field which in return help them not only to handle the machinery and equipment with greater care but also provide a way to help themselves through better knowledge and skills.

Another episode of training is also held for the sanitary staff of MCP at Gulbahar and Shaheen town Peshawar city. The overall objective was same; to develop the capacity of the sanitary staff in their field with specific focus on sanitary activities, waste lifting procedures and human safety.

Both trainings were welcomed by the participants and they showed their full interest in learning the things that were unknown to them before.

Trainings were facilitated by the UCs concerned inspector of the area where in Gulbahar it was managed by Mr. Shakeel and in Shaheen town Mr. Auranzeb extended his full support to conduct the capacity building exercise.