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MSP goal is to "bring sustained improvement in municipal service delivery to effectively address the basic needs of citizens in small and medium towns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa".
- Improve basic service delivery in a more transparent and accountable manner.
- Establish a collaborative partner relationship between USAID and GoKP for urban sector policy, programme design and implementation.
- Upgrade provincial information systems for planning, operations, monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
- Deepen the capacities of local government administration.

Local government tiers, particularly municipalities, constitute important delivery vehicles for key public services. Despite their crucial role, unfortunately local levels of government in Pakistan have long suffered from a lack of clarity regarding their role, lines of authority and division of responsibilities with the provinces and the federal government. The low quality of municipal service delivery contributes to Pakistan‟s poor social indicators. Finally, most municipalities lack transparency and accountability in their operations, and rarely solicit citizen input into decision-making..


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